Team Élaia

A cohesive team

Meet Léna, Loreen and Olivier, your instructors at ÉLAIA École de Surf de Pors Carn. A small team of enthusiasts who are keen to share their passion for surfing. Surfers for almost 30 years on the La Torche spot, they will enthusiastically share their experience with you. Beginner or experienced, they will adapt to your expectations through personalized teaching. Beyond the technical aspect of surfing, it is also a moment of friendly sharing that you will find within this team. Join us at Pors Carn!


Hello! I’m Léna. I started surfing at the age of 10 on the Morbihan coast between La Guérite and the wild coast of Quiberon. I quickly joined the local surf club and started competing. I trained for 3 years on the Finistère coast at the Brittany training center in La Torche. After five years of studies (mostly in cities like Rennes, Montreal, The Hague, Vigo…), I decided, to my greatest happiness, to return to my passion and share it. I’ve surfed all over the world: New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Morocco, Nicaragua, … For the past two years, I’ve settled in Penmarc’h, and I’m eager to share my experience on one of the most beautiful beaches in Pays Bigouden: Pors Carn. So see you soon on the beach!


Hello! I’m Loreen, and I’ve been surfing since childhood. From Tahiti to La Torche, the two places where I’ve mainly lived and surfed, my philosophy has always been to have fun in my practice. I also went through the surf training center in La Torche, but very quickly I turned to free surfing with the wish to share my passion. After becoming a surf instructor, I even went as far as writing a book, believe it or not! So, I invite you to place “The Practical Guide for Surfers; Dare to Ride the Wave!” (Vagnon Editions), on your bedside table. It’s accessible to everyone. It’s my pleasure to give you lessons at my favorite spots in La Torche and Pors Carn!


Hello! I’m Oliv’, passionate about surfing since 1994. Originally from Penmarc’h and living at the foot of the Eckmühl lighthouse all my childhood, I grew up to the rhythm of the waves in the beautiful bay of Pors Carn. A sports enthusiast, I naturally joined the Brittany center training in La Torche during my adolescence, then continued my higher education in STAPS in Brest and on the Reunion Island. In 2005, I obtained my surf instructor degree. During my studies, I had the opportunity to travel (Hawaii, California…) and even won a few titles in competitions! It was in 2010 that I decided to share my passion by creating Dezert Point at the Pors Carn spot. One of my motivations in teaching surf is to seek to combine the search for the best waves with individual progression to create unforgettable memories! You never forget your first wave!