Surfboard and Wetsuit Rental

All year round, we offer surf equipment for rental. Enjoy personalized advice and a wide selection of boards adapted to your level: from foam boards to shortboards to evolutives, we surely have the perfect board for you. We also rent wetsuits (3/2 or 4/3), all in excellent condition. Our school is located in close proximity to the surf spot, allowing direct access on foot to the Pors Carn bay and La Torche. For all rentals, contact us at 02 98 70 09 70 to reserve, inquire about weather conditions, and find out the best timing to go surfing.

Durée de locationSurfboardCombinaison/Wetsuit
1 heure10 €2.5€
2 heures15€5€
4 heures25€10€
1 jour35€15€
+ 1 jour+ 10€/jour+ 5€/jour
École de surf et location de surf La Torche